Beretta Farms offices move back to their rural roots

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Beretta Farms in York Region has been celebrated for over 20 years now for their premium proteins, with a focus on organic, grass-fed beef, chicken, pork and turkey.

The farm was founded in 1992 by husband and wife team, Mike and Cynthia Beretta. Although the two began the journey as a young couple with no real farming experience, they have tenaciously worked and earned their way to now being a highly respected farm business, not only within their community but also the entire province and country.

In their well-known, ongoing efforts toward sustainability, continued growth and transparency, they made the exciting decision toward the end of last year to move their head offices back to their King City farm.

“As our office has been located in Etobicoke for the past 20 years, the move to the farm was so exciting,” Cynthia shares with us. “Offering our clients full transparency to visit our office and also see the full operation of one of our cattle herds, our outdoor pig production and collecting eggs from our laying hens gives them hands-on experience of what the farm life is all about.”

And it’s not just about clients’ experiencing life on the farm, but also the staff. Employees now have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in farm life and reap those invaluable experiences.

“The move has allowed the whole staff to get first-hand knowledge of what it is like to live on a farm,” Cynthia explains. “They have walked fields to check fences, moved cattle from one field to the next and even chased a stray calf that gets under the fence every once in a while!”

A new culinary vegetable and spice garden has also been added to the property, to be used by Beretta Kitchen, the catering division of the company.

“Our staff are able to help plan the Beretta Garden, they help weed and reap the rewards of their hard work all summer long,” Cynthia says. “The garden produce will also be used to feed our guests when they book their corporate events in the Beretta Barn space.”

Last year’s relocation was just the first phase in a multi-tiered plan for Beretta Farms. Since, they have also been working on a multi-faceted, premier event space for special events like weddings, corporate retreats and cooking classes.

Some exciting upcoming events of their own include a launch party in June 2019 for Beretta Farms 100% Canadian grass-fed beef, as well as a launch of Beretta pork production at the farm.

The official launch of the Beretta Farms event space is expected for July-August of this year, so we encourage you to stay tuned with these exciting developments on their website and Facebook page here.