Growing Ontario’s Craft Cider Industry: Bill 110 to Level the Playing Field

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Ontario Craft Cider Association (OCCA) has commended the passing of Bill 110: Growing Ontario’s Craft Cider Industry Act.

Bill 110 will pave the way for a level playing field for Craft Cider comparable to Ontario’s Craft Brewers, ensuring that the tax or mark-up imposed on Ontario Craft Cider does not exceed that imposed on craft beer in Ontario – equalizing the incentives enjoyed by craft beer producers.

“This Bill will launch a new chapter in the successful Ontario craft beverages industry creating jobs and economic growth, particularly in rural Ontario,” said Thomas Wilson, Chair of the Ontario Craft Cider Association, and owner of Caledon-based Spirit Tree Estate Cidery.

Recognized globally, Ontario Craft Cider producers use 100% Ontario-grown apples and pears.

The OCCA press release states that the potential for expansion of this industry is immense, and that increased sales will contribute to Ontario’s rural economic growth, as well as create new jobs and strengthen communities.

Bill 110 was co-sponsored by Conservative MPP Sylvia Jones and Liberal MPP Arthur Potts. Wilson further shared, “Bill 110 has brought together MPPs of all stripes in agreement that Ontario Craft Cider has the potential to be a major part of the economy of this province.”

The OCCA is highlighted in this recent Toronto Star article, which says cider is one of the fastest-growing categories at the LCBO.

“Ontario farmers have a long and proud history of producing the best apples and cider in North America,” said Wilson.  “This Bill is an excellent first step towards promoting rural and agricultural economies in Ontario, generating employment and business growth throughout the countryside”