New Podcast on Agriculture and Climate Change

Monday, May 30, 2022

The Food & Environment Reporting Network has launched a new podcast about farmers, food and climate change, called Hot Farm.

Although the podcast is out of the U.S., its topics and themes are pertinent to us in Canada too.

“Every farmer knows that the springs are getting shorter and the summers hotter,” shares Albert Witteveen, Chair of the Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Alliance. “Rainfalls often come with damaging winds and downpours. Climate change is real.”

And as the trailer for the podcast shares, “if we’re serious about fighting climate change, we have to involve farmers.”

Over four episodes, Hot Farm and host Eve Abram travel across the States’ Midwest, talking to farmers about what they are doing—or could be doing—to combat climate change.

Below are links to each episode:

Part 1: Change is hard
Part 2: Enlisting the Unconvinced
Part 3. Grain of the Future
Part 4. The New California

In these episodes, you’ll hear from a variety of farmers who are experimenting with ways to use less water and chemicals, protect their soil, and use renewable energy—as well as those who still need some convincing to do things differently.

The podcast also explores efforts to develop perennial crops that are better suited to a changing climate, and strategies for getting farmers to grow these crops and consumers to buy them.

You can check out the trailer below: