York Region thanks Agriculture and Agri-Food Workers

Friday, June 5, 2020

Image from York Region

In celebration of Local Food Week, York Region is thanking all of their farmers, farm workers, temporary foreign workers, processors, truck drivers, and everyone else in the agriculture and agri-food sector who work tirelessly to get nutritious, Ontario-grown food to our tables.

“From field to fork, this sector plays an important role in our communities, helping keep food in our stores and on our plates,” the Region shares on their website. “During these extraordinary times, their role is even more critical in maintaining York Region’s strong, caring and safe communities.”

The region’s 700 farm-based businesses and 270 food & beverage manufacturers are among the numerous businesses that have had to adjust their operations through COVID-19, showing their innovation and smart adaptability while keeping our communities fed. Many farmers and markets are now offering online orders with curbside pickup and/or delivery.

The message from York Region also highlights the hardworking temporary foreign workers who have returned for another season, some of whom have been working on the same farm for decades.

“These workers are an important part of the workforce on Canadian farms,” they share. “After employing over 50,000 temporary workers in 2017, the sector still had more than 16,000 job vacancies. While there will always be jobs for Canadians who choose to work in agriculture, temporary foreign workers help fill the labour gaps and ensure York Region residents have access to a reliable, affordable and safe food supply.”

Read the full message on the York Region website here.